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In Ukraine, tomatoes are twice as expensive as last year.

In Ukraine, tomatoes are twice as expensive as last year.

"Such prices in July have never been on ground tomato. Over the past four years, processing plants have continuously reduced the demand for open ground tomatoes. Therefore, farmers reduced production space.", - says expert fruit and vegetable market Tatiana Getman.

"The harvest and the quality of tomatoes were negatively affected by rains and temperature changes. The production area under the greenhouse tomato was also reduced. In the main production regions, the population goes abroad and grows less," explains the Hetman.

At the end of the month, the tension in the market began to fall rapidly, the prices of Ukrainian tomatoes fell by 25%.

The price decrease this week is due to the appearance on the market of the first large batches of tomatoes from the open ground. The season of collection of these products was delayed by an average of 10 days, and the supply of greenhouse tomatoes was limited due to flooding of greenhouses in Transcarpathia.

Even after a noticeable decline in the price of tomatoes are still record high: at the end of July 2018 and 2017, the cost of Ukrainian tomatoes was 2 times lower.