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Achieve perfection

Achieve perfection

"If you get the impression that you have already achieved perfection in your own years, you will never rise to the level you are surely capable of attaining." These remarkable words of the British writer of Japanese origin Kazuo Ishiguro as well as possible emphasize that our world does not stand still and we must keep pace with the times, constantly developing and comprehending something new and unexplored, improving our knowledge and improving our skills and ability.

Top-management of "Teplichny Kombinat" LLC "Dneprovsky" took part in the training "Effective Leader" on July 26 and 27, which was held under the guidance of Tatyana Bogdan, a business coach, practicing coach, psychotherapist, NLP practice.

Within two days, the management of the TCD pumped through its managerial and leadership skills, learned to smoothly resolve conflict situations, and master the skills of behavior from the standpoint of different management styles. The non-standard tasks, the presentation of information and the game format of the training allowed the top management of the TKD to take a fresh look at the processes and evaluate their own reactions to them. Business coach Tatyana Bogdan helped to reveal the leadership potential of each participant, showed how personal qualities can be favorably combined with the role of leader. Thanks to this creative approach, the team of the Hothouse Combine was able to assess the diversity and potential of everyone present, to form a new vision of managerial processes, approaches to managing teams, to get to know each other and to rally even more tightly.

The organizers of the training of the HR department of the corporation "Olvia" thank each participant for the inclusion and immersion in the training work, the willingness to change, openness and positive, for generating incredible waves of drive and energy that will inevitably ignite and motivate others.