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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

The Dneprovsky Greenhouse thanks you for your cooperation and the trust placed in us in the past year and looks forward to working in the new 2020 year!
Let it be generous for you to wonderful events, warm and kind, successful and creative. And if this year brings with it changes, then let them be the most joyful, achievements grandiose, and dreams realizable.
We wish that difficulties be surmountable and lead to prosperity and success.
Let him have enough strength, ideas and inspiration for new starts and important things.
Good health to you in the new year and all the best!


The Dneprovsky Greenhouse thanks you for your cooperation and the trust placed in us in the past year and looks forward to working in the new 2020 year!


On November 15, employees of the Dniprovsky Greenhouse gathered at the Kamensky House of Culture named after Lesya Ukrainka on the occasion of the holiday - the Day of Agricultural Workers and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Greenhouse.


Поздравлем всех наших сотрудников и пратнёров с этой юбилейной датой!

Пусть Комбинат ещё долгие годы радует нас своей продукцией, путь в нашей жизни будет побольше продуктивных дней и благоприятной погоды!


"Such prices in July have never been on ground tomato. Over the past four years, processing plants have continuously reduced the demand for open ground tomatoes. Therefore, farmers reduced production space.", - says expert fruit and vegetable market Tatiana Getman.


At the greenhouse plant, the first harvest of cucumbers began this year. Fresh vegetables of the new crop.

See you in the shops!


All plants from seedling departments are planted in greenhouses. Our employees provide high-quality and careful care of plants, which very soon will bring their first crop of cucumbers and tomatoes and will delight you on the shelves of our stores.


GH "Dnipro" congratulates its colleagues and partners on the Day of Agriculture!


TC "Dniprovsky" took part in the Forum Dnipro AgroDay, which was held in the city of Dnepr on October 30 in the hotel-entertainment complex "Khutor".


"If you get the impression that you have already achieved perfection in your own years, you will never rise to the level you are surely capable of attaining." These remarkable words of the British writer of Japanese origin Kazuo Ishiguro as well as possible emphasize that our world does not stand still and we must keep pace with the times, constantly developing and comprehending something new and unexplored, improving our knowledge and improving our skills and ability.


At the plant, the harvest of tomatoes continues, which arrive on the shelves of our shops and delight its customers with high quality and taste of this tomato.


HeinzKetchup conducted a survey of its customers on a long-standing dispute that a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable.



A new crop of 2018 is expected at the "Dniprovsky" Hothouse Combine.


Annually on the third Sunday of November is the Day of workers of agriculture of Ukraine. The holiday dedicated to all the farmers of the country, was founded in 1993. 19 Nov your professional holiday is celebrated and employees of the Greenhouse complex "Dnipro". We congratulate the entire team led by Director of plant Vinnikova Marina Gennadievna with the Day of workers of agriculture of Ukraine!

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