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Поздравляем с профессиональным праздником!

ТК "Днепровский" поздравляет своих коллег и партнёров с Днем сельхозработника!

Пусть работа всегда приносит удовольствие, а земля радует богатым урожаем.

С праздником, пусть сбудется всё, о чём вы мечтаете!


ТК "Днепровский" поздравляет своих коллег и партнёров с Днем сельхозработника!


At the Dneprovsky Greenhouse Plant, the first crop of vegetables of the second crop rotation was harvested.


July 10, 2020 Dneprovsky Greenhouse Plant  celebrated the end of the first cultural turnover with an on-site event for the workers of the plant.


From April 24 to June 9 on the page of the Dneprovsky Greenhouse Combine on Facebook held a competition of spring salads of tomatoes and vegetables "Vitamins from TKD 100% will help you!"


In connection with the spread of coronavirus infection (covid-19), many residents of Ukraine were in long-term observation in order to prevent the spread of infection.


We heartily congratulate you on the bright spring Christian great Easter!


All products of the plant are grown in compliance with the highest requirements of sanitary and epidemiological control.


The greenhouse plant "Dneprovsky" began harvesting tomatoes.
The combine harvested about 1 ton of tomatoes from the 2020 harvest.


At the Greenhouse Dneprovsky, the first fruits of the new crop of smooth cucumber of the MEWA variety were taken.


Representatives of the Dneprovsky Greenhouse Combine visited Fruit Logistica exhibition, which was held from February 5 to 7 in Berlin (Germany).


At our Greenhouse Plant, a new harvest has begun.
Meet fresh and juicy Athletes on the shelves of our partners' stores!
Tomatoes of the 2020 harvest will join them very quickly.


The Dneprovsky Greenhouse thanks you for your cooperation and the trust placed in us in the past year and looks forward to working in the new 2020 year!


On November 15, employees of the Dniprovsky Greenhouse gathered at the Kamensky House of Culture named after Lesya Ukrainka on the occasion of the holiday - the Day of Agricultural Workers and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Greenhouse.


Поздравлем всех наших сотрудников и пратнёров с этой юбилейной датой!

Пусть Комбинат ещё долгие годы радует нас своей продукцией, путь в нашей жизни будет побольше продуктивных дней и благоприятной погоды!


"Such prices in July have never been on ground tomato. Over the past four years, processing plants have continuously reduced the demand for open ground tomatoes. Therefore, farmers reduced production space.", - says expert fruit and vegetable market Tatiana Getman.

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