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About us

"Greenhouse complex Dniprovsky "is one of the largest producers of greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers TM Summer Taste. Here you can always buy fresh vegetables in bulk at an attractive price, in particular, you can easily buy fresh red and pink tomatoes and cucumbers in bulk in volume is necessary for you.

After a complete technical reconstruction of production areas, the transition to growing vegetables for the Dutch progressive technology, implemented full automation of irrigation systems and power plants, maintaining optimum climate in the greenhouse, installation of energy-efficient realized Dutch boilers. This allows stable selling vegetables wholesale customers combine.

Now combine to offer its customers buy pink, red and black exotic hothouse tomatoes, and buy a few varieties of greenhouse cucumbers.

In 2012 was launched the new 4 hectares film greenhouses - this complex is built in compliance with the European standard of modern technology. This project provides the latest developments and achievements in the field of cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses.

In 2010, the company has introduced advanced technology to protect plants from pests - Biological method.

What is a biological method of protection?

Biological control of pests and plant diseases based on the use of natural parasitic and predatory insects, fungal, bacterial, viral microorganisms and their metabolic products for pest control. That is, various insect pests destroy other insects. Through the use of this method avoids the use of chemical agents, which makes cucumbers and tomatoes TM Summer Taste  eco-friendly.